UMX Error: ‘There are no functions available for this responsibility’ And/Or ‘There are no valid navigations for this responsibility’ when Accessing ‘User Management’ Responsibility


On 12.0.4 instance,

When attempting to access the “User Management” Responsibility either from Self Service Web Page or from Forms application for the following error occurs:


From Self Service Web Application:

“There are no functions available for this responsibility.”

From Forms Applications:

Error: There are no valid navigations for this responsibility.
Cause: Application Object Library was unable to load the menu for the current responsibility.
Cause: The menu compilation has failed.
Cause: There is no valid menu defined for this responsibility.
Cause: There are no navigable forms associated with this responsibility.

Action: Contact your system administrator. Ensure that a
valid menu, containing forms? is defined for the
responsibility. Ensure that the menu is correctly compiled.


The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
1. Log in to application as user assigned User Management responsibility.

2. Try accessing “User Management” wither from Self Service Web Application or from Forms session and encounter the above error.


Due to this issue, users cannot access the menu option for the User Management responsibility.


‘Security Administrator’ and ‘Customer Administrator’ Role privilege missing for the user.Security Administrators manages all user accounts in the system, and can assign / revoke all roles.
Hence in order to access “User Management” Responsibility, a user needs to have inherit the Security Administrator Role.


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1. Log into the applications as SYSADMIN User.
2. Choose User Management responsibility.
3. Navigate to Users web page.
4. Search and find the user you want to inherit the Security Administrator and Customer Administrator Roles.
5. Click on Update Icon.
6. Click on Assign Roles button.
7. Find and choose ‘Security Administrator’ Role.
8. Apply.
9. Repeat the Steps (6-8) for ‘Customer Administrator’ Role.
10. Log as the user who was assigned User Management Responsibility and facing the issue.
11. Retest the issue.
12. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.


NOTE:290525.1 – Oracle User Management FAQ
NOTE:378262.1 – How to to Define an Application User That Has All The Privileges in User Management Responsibility options As SYSADMIN User