Oracle REP-0300, REP-0069, REP-57054, REP-300


Forcing NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS to: ‘.,’ for XDO processing

APPLLCSP Environment Variable set to :

Current NLS_LANG and NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS Environment Variables are :


Enter Password:
REP-0300: ORACLE error occurred.
REP-0069: Internal error
REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Terminated with error:
REP-300: ORACLE error occurred.



Check the data type of your parameter in RDF it is date or not and what was the format mask.


Oracle Reports and Flexfields Report Writing Steps [PDF]

These are the basic steps you use every time you write an Oracle Reports report that accesses flexfields data. This section assumes you already have a thorough knowledge of Oracle Reports. Though these examples contain only the Accounting Flexfield, you can use these methods for any key flexfield.

you can download the oracle reports and flexfields report writing steps from the following link: