Oracle BI Publisher Building Data Template [PDF]

The BI Publisher data engine enables you to rapidly generate any kind of XML data structure against any database in a scalable, efficient manner. The data template is the method by which you communicate your request for data to the data engine. It is an XML document whose elements collectively define how the data engine will process the template to generate the XML.

you can download the bipublisher building data template document form the following link:



Oracle Application Express 4.1 Installation Guide Step by Step on Windows 7 [PDF]

Welcome to Release 4.1 of the Oracle Application Express Installation Guide Step by Step

This guide consists of the following parts:

  • Install oracle XE database.
  • Install application express.

you can download the Oracle Application Express R4.1 Installation Guide Step by Step on Windows7 from the following link:

Oracle Database XE 10g Installation Guide Step by Step on Linux RHEL4 [PDF]

This (quick-) installation guide is just an abstract of the Oracle Database Express Edition Installation Guide 10g Release 2 (10.2) for Linux.

you can download oracle database XE 10g installation guide step by step on linux_RHEL4 from the following link:


Reference:  ORATECH_blog


Almost Everything you Wanted to Know about PTO – Paid Time Off [PDF]

In Oracle HRMS, accrual plans are based on elements, formulas, and a net accrual calculation.
All of these are available for you to configure so you have complete control over the rules
underlying your plans. Oracle HRMS does not store net accrual totals. It calculates gross
accruals dynamically by calling the Accrual formula. The net accrual calculation specifies the
element entries that should add to or subtract from this figure to create the net entitlement.

If you use Oracle Payroll, you can set up your accrual plan so that gross accruals are stored in a
payroll balance. Each payroll run retrieves the latest balance and calls the accrual formula to
calculate new accruals since the end of the last payroll period. This approach – using a payroll
balance – is optional but provides performance enhancements if you need to calculate accruals in a batch process

you can download the almost everything you wanted to know about pto from the following link:


Oracle Reports and Flexfields Report Writing Steps [PDF]

These are the basic steps you use every time you write an Oracle Reports report that accesses flexfields data. This section assumes you already have a thorough knowledge of Oracle Reports. Though these examples contain only the Accounting Flexfield, you can use these methods for any key flexfield.

you can download the oracle reports and flexfields report writing steps from the following link: