Oralce Forms 6i: Change MDI form’s icon

To change oracle forms 6i MDI icon file do the following steps:

1. Download “d2kwutil_6_0_6_0” utility from d2kwutil_6_0_6_0.zip
2. Attach library “D2KWUTIL.pll” to the form.
3. Place “d2kwut60.dll” at Forms Bin Folder.
4. Write the Following Cone in New-Form-Instance trigger.

Win_Api_Session.Change_MDI_Icon(Win_Api_Utility.Get_Active_Window, 'C:\LOGO.ICO', Icon_Id);

4.Compile & Genetrate and save both the PLL & .FMB then Run the form & Test.


Compile Oracle Applications Forms on Linux

You can use the following syntax to compile any oracle applications on Linux platform:

f60gen Userid=apps/apps Module=/apps/sw/prodappl/pay/11.5.0/forms/US/form_name.fmb Output_File=/apps/sw/prodappl/pay/11.5.0/forms/US/form_name.fmx Module_Type=FORM Batch=NO Compile_All=special

How to work / configure the Forms Application 10.1.x while using Windows 7 as a Client?

Microsoft Windows 7 is not certified to work with Forms / Forms versions. “Not certified” means that even though you may see it working under certain circumstances, it is not guaranteed to work for all combinations. On most occasions the combinations will fail if the combination used is not certified.

Basic requirements to work with Windows 7

1. To work with Microsoft Windows 7, upgrade Forms to at least version in the 10.1.2 range.

2. Windows 7 is supported as a client OS with Sun JRE and with IE 7.0 / Firefox 2.0 only.

3. Jinitiator is NOT certified to work with Windows 7, and there are no plans to certify it.

To configure / work with Windows 7

A. Download and install the Forms patch

To obtain a patch from Metalink:

1) Click on Patches.

2) Click on Simple Search.

3) Enter the patch number, 5983622 (for 4) Select the platform from the list

5) Click Go.

6) Read any applicable notes before downloading, then click the Download button.

7) Review the Readme file for instructions on how to install the patchset.

Note: At the time of writing, the latest 10.1.2.x patchset is Please check on Metalink or with Support whether a later patch release is available.

B. Configuring Sun JRE

To work with the Microsoft Windows 7 you need to configure Sun’s JRE. If you have not configured any JRE, refer to the steps below.


1. Create a new config section in formsweb.cfg for the JRE as mentioned below. As example, the name “Newconfig” is used. Use a name appropriate to your environment.






While running the URL you need to specify the particular config
e.g. config=Newconfig http://<Host-Name>:<Port-Number>/forms/frmservlet?config=Newconfig

2. Download the JRE and install.

3. Run the application on Windows 7 using the config “Newconfig”