Oracle Application Express 4.1 Installation Guide Step by Step on Windows 7 [PDF]

Welcome to Release 4.1 of the Oracle Application Express Installation Guide Step by Step

This guide consists of the following parts:

  • Install oracle XE database.
  • Install application express.

you can download the Oracle Application Express R4.1 Installation Guide Step by Step on Windows7 from the following link:


Specify Where Application Express (APEX) Should Redirect to after Logout

To specify where Application Express should redirect to after logout  (post log-out URL) do the following steps:

1) Go to the following path: Shared Components > Security > Authentication Schemes > Your Authentication

2) Change the Logout URL to: wwv_flow_custom_auth_std.logout?p_this_flow=&APP_ID.&p_next_flow_page_sess=&APP_ID.:9 or f?p=&APP_ID.:9