Restart or Bounce Apache in Oracle Apps 11i

I find this script very handy for bouncing the Apache, specially when working on Self Service Applications.

Please find the two commands that I use for bouncing the Apache

$COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/$TWO_TASK*/ stop

$COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/$TWO_TASK*/ start

Of course this needs to be done in Middle Tier of Oracle Applications.

In case you have modified any java or class file in OAF ( Oracle Applications Framework ), then Apache bounce becomes mandatory for those changes to take effect.

In case you modify and load the XML Document in Oracle Framework, then it is noticed, for those XML changes to take effect, complete bounce of Middle Tier is required in Oracle Apps.


Remove Oracle Apps Diagnostics Password Screen

To remove the Diagnostics Password Screen which appear when you go to the following path:

Help > Diagnostics > Custom Code > Personalize

do the following steps:

– Go to the following path : System Administrator (R) > Profile (M) > System (F)
– Find profile option name : Utilities:Diagnostics
– Set the Value : Yes

Enable FND Diagnostics in Oracle apps

When FND Diagnostics is set to NO, it shows an error message as “You have encountered an unexpected error. Please contact the System Administrator for assistance.”
When i change FND Diagnostics to Yes display the full error message.

To do this do the  following steps:

– Go to the following path : System Administrator (R) > Profile (M) > System (F)
– Find profile option name : FND Diagnostics
– Set the Value : Yes