How To Clear Caches (Apache/iAS, Cabo, Modplsql, Browser, Jinitiator, Java, Portal, WebADI) for E-Business Suite? (Doc ID 742107.1)

Applies to:

Oracle Applications Technology Stack – Version 11.5.9 to 12.2.2 [Release 11.5 to 12.2]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Sometimes it is recommended by Support or Development to clear Apache, Browser, Java, Jinitiator or
other caches in E-Business Suite environment. This document simply provides you with the methods to accomplish this.
The users shouldn’t be connected to the Applications during this task.


Apache / iAS

For 11i and earlier versions:

– shutdown iAS server
– go to $OA_HTML (for 11.5.9) or $COMMON_TOP (for 11.5.10.x) directory
– backup the directory _pages and delete its contents by running for instance:

rm -rf $COMMON_TOP/_pages/*

– for modplsql caches remove contents of  $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/cache directory
– restart iAS server

To clear middle tier cache in release 12:

– go to “Functional Administrator” responsibility
– select Core Services => Caching Framework => Global Configuration => Clear cache
(please review Note 759038.1 for details).

In case you have login issue after accidentally cleared the _pages instead of using the method above for r12
please review Note 433386.1 to recompile jsp files.


Images and style sheets can be corrupted or out of sync in the cabo caches,
you may need to clear the related directories after backup:


Web Browser

for Internet Explorer:

– go to menu Tools => Internet Options,
– select ‘General’ tab,
– click on button ‘Delete Files’ in ‘Temporary Internet files’ area
– click on button ‘Delete…’ then in ‘Delete Browsing History’ pop-up window click on ‘Delete Files…’
– close all IE windows and restart new browser session.

for Mozilla Firefox:

– go to menu Tools
– select ‘Clear Private Data…’ or ‘Clear Recent History…’ then check ‘Cache’
– go to menu Edit or Tools
– select Preferences or Options.
– expand the ‘Advance’ options and choose ‘Cache’ or Privacy
– click the button called ‘Clear Cache’.

for Safari:

– go to Safari menu
– select Empty Cache => Click ‘Empty’ in the dialogue box

for Netscape:

– go to menu Edit => Preferences,
– choose ‘Cache’ in ‘Advanced’ category,
– click on buttons ‘Clear Memory Cache’ and ‘Clear Disk Cache’.
– close all Netscape windows and restart new browser session.


Two possibilities depending of the Jinitiator version:

for 1.1.8.x versions:

– delete all files in directory:

C:\Program Files\Oracle\Jinitiator <version>\jcache\

for 1.3.1.x versions:

– go to Start => Parameters => Control Panel
– double-click on “Jinitiator <version>” icon
– in the new pop-up window, click on “Cache” tab
– click on “Clear Jar Cache ” button. On prompt, click Yes.

(you can also delete directly all files under directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\Oracle Jar Cache)


Java/JRE plug-in (Windows)

– go to Start => Parameters => Control Panel
– double-click on ‘Java’ icon
– in the new pop-up window, click on ‘General’ tab
– click on ‘Setting…’ button in ‘Temporary Internet files’ area then click on ‘Delete Files…’ button
(you can select Applets, Applications or other files)


– go to responsibility “Functional Administrator”
– click on “Core Services” tab then the “Caching Framework” sub-tab
– click on “Global Configuration” link then click on “Clear all cache” button to clear all of the Java Cache’s


– go to the url: http://<host.domain&gt;:<port>/pls/admin_/gateway.htm or cache.htm
– click on “Cache Settings” option and note the “Cache Directory”
– go to this directory and delete all the cache files in the directory and sub directories

See also modplsql caches in Apache/iAS section above.

WebADI / BNE cache

For instance when enabling BNE log

– go to url: http://<host.domain&gt;:<port>/oa_servlets/oracle.apps.bne.framework.BneAdminServlet
– click on the “clear-cache” link
– at the bottom of the page you should see ‘Cache Cleared’


Restart or Bounce Apache in Oracle Apps 11i

I find this script very handy for bouncing the Apache, specially when working on Self Service Applications.

Please find the two commands that I use for bouncing the Apache

$COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/$TWO_TASK*/ stop

$COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/$TWO_TASK*/ start

Of course this needs to be done in Middle Tier of Oracle Applications.

In case you have modified any java or class file in OAF ( Oracle Applications Framework ), then Apache bounce becomes mandatory for those changes to take effect.

In case you modify and load the XML Document in Oracle Framework, then it is noticed, for those XML changes to take effect, complete bounce of Middle Tier is required in Oracle Apps.